This is how it all began...

About Scarlet Artists

Scarlet Artists was born in 2007, when I started working in cosmetics for a major retailer. I love what I do, I love learning, meeting new people and making people feel good about themselves.

Make-up is just a slight improvement to the already beautiful people I see every day. Making some one's day, by just having a chat and tweaking their look, gives me a lot of joy.

In the beginning of my career, I never wore red lipstick as a make up artist, I always adorned some style of a natural lipstick or gloss. My approach to make up has always been a more clean and polished look for myself.

Suddenly RED, was something I wanted to try. I tried "Scarlet" Lipstain, by Laura Mercier and since then, it is still one of my favorite reds. Mostly, because it reminds me that everyone can be a little bold and still be themselves.

Lipstick is a great way to change your mood, from fresh to fabulous in seconds.

Scarlet Artists began to grow as I met talented make-up and hair stylists who just needed to a few people who they loved working with. People who can teach and challenge, but get the job done.

We are a client driven company and specialize in great skin with a beautiful make-up application. We have additional photos available upon request of our Film, Fashion, Weddings and Photoshoots.