Maura The Explorer

I have never been a lover of nicknames. Anyone who has been around me longer than a few minutes would attest to that as fact. The worst ones for me are "honey," "sweetie," "baby," but there are some I have earned as well.

A few years back during a holiday meeting at work, we all had to give each other a word or phrase describing our approach to work or creativity. My friend Salwa got my name, and she deemed me "Maura the Explorer." As much as I dislike the "Dora the Explorer" reference, I earned it.

Cosmetics are always changing, there is always something new to offer, 4X per year things change, sometimes 3X a season.

I am always compelled to try the latest and greatest. Does a product live up to the hype? Who would really be interested in buying this? What skin type? I am dry, does this work for me? Would I re-purchase this after 4 or five months? Is this worth the price?

I have an even bigger struggle with Make-up. I LOVE IT!!!! I love all the pretty colors and textures. I love seeing how it blends on someone's skin. The perfection of a finished face. So I hope you enjoy and the new products you will see here. 

I will look forward to continuing to try new things ad letting you know about the latest trends. Of course I will also be sharing my laundry list of favorites.

Yours Truly,  "Maura the Explorer" AKA the original Scarlet Artist